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pock·et-square  [pok-it-skwair]
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a handkerchief, often colored or figured, worn in the breast pocket of a suit or blazer as a fashion accessory.


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Made for Walking in Paris, France

Men’s Jewelry.  Timepieces can be expensive but definitely worth the investment.  It’s important to choose jewelry that is versatile and could be worn 15 years from now.  Avoid fashion jewelry, the cost does not support the longevity of the item.  This timepiece may be one that you will be saving for a while!

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© 2011 DHtheory and DHtheory PHOTOgraphy, ALL Rights Reserved.

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 In her personal life, Tawni enjoys natural hair modelling and mentoring young girls. Tawni's advice to young girls everywhere is simply to find passion in whatever you enjoy and to stick with it no matter what. This passion for her craft is what has propelled Tawni to the successes she enjoys today.

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